Taking Time to Care for Your Skin

~ Linda Perkins, Skin Care Therapist ... offering microcurrent ELR™ facials and other skin care services in southern Maine and Portsmouth, NH ~

Energy Light Rejuvenation Facial Therapy in Wells, York, Ogunquit, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport

Energy Light Rejuvenation ™ Facials

ELR™ provide microcurrent technology for optimum, personalized skin care.

"My face is looking much better!" Eliza

Classic Men's and Women's Facials in Wells, York, Ogunquit, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport

Men's & Women's ELR™ and Classic Facials

Linda offers a range of specialized and classic facial skin-care treatments.

"May I take you home with me?" Will

Skin Care Services with Dermalogica Products Biddeford, Old Orchard Beach, Cape Neddick

Dermalogica Facials

Signature, Age-Smart, Ultra-Calming facials utilizing Dermalogica products. Dermalogica Back Treatment, too.

"I love being in your care." Erin


What Color Do YOU Need?

As part of her training with Dr. Starwynn, developer of the ELR™ equipment, Linda has learned muscle testing. She tests you to see what color(s) would be most helpful for you during your treatment. This color therapy takes skin-care to another dimension!

What Makes ELR ® (Energy Light Rejuvenation) and Microcurrent Facial technology special?

While there are other micro current facial technologies available ... even those you can buy and use in your home, ELR™ can help turn back the hands of time without harsh chemicals and invasive cutting. The micro currents are passed through wavelengths of colored light which further enhances its effectiveness.

Linda has been trained in chi and understands the meridians within the areas being treated. In addition, she is a certified Level II Reiki practitioner. Linda's education along with this wonderful skin-care technology offer a win-win approach to helping your skin look its best!


Where does Linda Offer Energy Light Rejuvenation Facials?

Linda offers facials, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, and Dermalogica facials and back treatments in her home in Wells. She is also offering appointments in York and Wells through associations with other commercial businesses. Please contact Linda to discuss which location would work best for you. Read more about micro-current ELR facials here!

What do Linda's clients say about Energy Light Rejuvenation Facials?

"Thank you for the Energy Light micro-current facial; I loved it! Not only does my face feel and look better, I also came away with an overall better feeling. Can't wait to see you next week and thanks again." JJ

"The ELR facial is what keeps my acne under control. Thank you so much." KM

"The ELR is amazing. I actually have the definition of my jawline back!" Yvonne P

Further information on Energy Light Rejuvenation Facials is found here.

Meet Linda Perkins

You can read more about Linda on her bio page. Although she's held a number of positions in her work career, her main focus has always been helping others.

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Booking a Facial Treatment

Linda is eager to work with both men and women who are ready to take care of themselves ... particularly their skin. Please call or email Linda, to make an appointment for the facial or esthetician service of your choice!

Use the information below or visit Linda's CONTACT page.

Special Skin Care for Cancer Treatments

"When I saw a post-graduate certification in oncology esthetics, I knew it was for me. I am now offering specialized services to help you feel and look your best during your oncology treatments ..."

Read about these special services!

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